About Us

We make Hosting Easy! Learn more about who we are and how it all started.

Group of people enjoying party by the pool

Our Story

Too often the “life of the party” and the host of the party are different people. The stress of planning, executing, and recovering after a party leaves the host attending to tasks rather than connecting with guests. HostEasy exists to free the host to enjoy the party and the people they love by providing helpers to take care of the little things.

Our story at Host Easy began at a humble pool party in Dallas. What’s worse than hopping in and out of the pool to fetch drinks, snacks, and towels for your guests while the daylight slips away? Sure, you love serving your friends, but why not host your party and enjoy it too?

Our mission is to provide you with the extra hands needed to pull off a great party. From intimate friendly gatherings to toddler birthday ragers, we’re the folks in the orange polo hustling so you don’t have to.

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