About Us

We make Hosting Easy! Learn more about who we are and how it all started.

Party guests celebrating together

Our Story

Inviting friends over and hosting home events can be stressful. We started HostEasy to make partying at-home fun for everyone, especially the host!

Most of us remember having family or friends over for a "fun get together" and at the end of the night being exhausted from all the running around and cleaning up!

Although we can't get you better friends, we can help you host fantastic parties! We started HostEasy to make hosting home events more convenient and stress-free. We wanted to make it so  your events  wont require you to do the set up , serve and clean up!

The concept came to mind when hosting a pool party. You know how those are. In and out of the water you go, fetching drinks and snacks for the guests. There must be a better way. A way to have an extra set of hands to handle all basic party needs. Thus, HostEasy was born. We are so excited to help you host your next event!